Emily M. Hedrick

Emily M. Hedrick

Auburn, Alabama


How to make a Twitter list

For my style and design class, we were required to make a 30 second to two minute tutorial video online. I used Google’s Screencastify Lite and made a tutorial on how to make a Twitter list.

Once I was logged on to Twitter, I clicked on the Screencastify icon and checked the settings to make sure I was recording. The tab opened was desktop and I made sure the microphone and system audio was working. A new window popped up and asked if I would like to record the entire laptop screen, or just the open Twitter window, which I chose.

I chose to make my tutorial on how to make a Twitter list because until recently I truly did not understand what a Twitter list would be used for. I made my Twitter account in 2011 when I was a senior in high school and I have known about the feature, but why would I want a list on Twitter?

Just recently I completed an online Hootsuite certification. While going through the courses, I watched a video that explained Twitter lists and what they are used for. It explained that there are two types of lists: public and private. A public Twitter list would be a list that anyone who can see your profile can see. You can make a Twitter list to your liking, whether it be favorite brands, sports talk or a nutrition list. Other people will be able to see the name of your list, an optional description of the list and the people you follow in that list. Let’s say you want to keep an eye on something from a distance though, you can use a private list. A private list works just like a public list, except when you add someone to your list they won’t be notified and your list name nor contents are visible to anyone but you.

I chose to make my Twitter list “Presidential Candidates” and added Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump to my list. I thought a Twitter list for presidential candidates was a great idea because you can easily see who is tweeting, how often and what they are saying compared to each other.

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