Emily M. Hedrick

Emily M. Hedrick

Auburn, Alabama

Public Relations Research

City of Auburn: Parks and Recreation.

This semester I was enrolled in public relations research. For this class we got into groups to act as a research team for a local client having a communication problem. We were team TGIT, which is an ABC network phrase “thank god it’s Thursday” because of the shows played on that night. We used it but made the last “t” stand for both Tuesday and Thursday, our class days. The client given to us was City of Auburn Parks and Recreation and we were to meet with them, create and distribute a survey, then analyze and present the results.

We met with our clients first on February 1, to discuss and understand what was to be accomplished through our survey. We found that parks and recreation distributes a lot of information to many audiences through various channels. Our goal was ultimately to find out the most effective way of communication for them.

After our initial meeting, team TGIT met to go over notes from the initial meeting and come up with possible survey questions. Together we came up with 13 survey questions that we then sent to our clients to check. We met back on February 25 and discussed each question one-by-one with the clients. They were pleased with our questions, but they helped edit wording and punctuation. We took notes from this meeting and improved our questions then sent them back for approval. We put our survey on Qualtrics and it went live on April 7. The City of Auburn distributed the survey through their website, social media and email list. The survey ran until April 22 with a total of 285 responses.

Once we received the survey results we met to create a presentation for our project. Together we constructed a Prezi, then presented our findings to our class and clients. We also prepared a research final paper including an intro, literature review, methodology, results and discussion section.

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