Emily M. Hedrick

Emily M. Hedrick

Auburn, Alabama

Social Media Release

Public Relations Council of Alabama State Conference

For Style and Design, we were required to create a social media release that included a pitch, background information, facts, quotes, a video, other multimedia and social media links. We were able to chose or create an event to our liking.

I chose to do my social media release for the Public Relations Council of Alabama’s (PRCA) state conference. I was excited to attend this conference and thought it would be a great fit for my social media release for my public relations class. The PRCA conference was hosted by the East Alabama chapter of PRCA and so the conference was held right here in Auburn at the Auburn Hotel and Dixon Conference Center. Before the conference on April 20, I did research on PRCA and was able to interview East Alabama chapter President Pam Powers-Smith.

Going into the conference I had most of my information and multimedia, but I still needed more. I had graphics from PRCA's online presence, background information, facts and a quote from Mrs. Powers-Smith. On April 20 I listened to two speakers Jason Shen and Chuck Reese about what they do to work successfully. After these speakers, it was time for lunch. Reita Clanton spoke during the lunch service, then student awards were given. There were 50 students that received awards and most importantly, the Student of the Year award went to Auburn senior Taylor Ennis. I captured Ms. Terri Knight presenting the award and Taylor Ennis accepting it on video for my social media release. Next, was another speaker Jake Jacobs, that treated our workshop as a town hall meeting to find a better understanding between law enforcement and citizens. Knight Eady held a panel next to discuss their relationship with sports, branding and hospitality. I interviewed Mollie Macklin, an Auburn student at the conference and got one more quote from her. When this was over, there was a small break then dinner and the awards gala followed.

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