Emily M. Hedrick

Emily M. Hedrick

Auburn, Alabama

Media Kit


In my Multimedia Writing for Public Relations class we were required to create an organization and content for the organization as the director of public relations.

I created H2Ok, a nonprofit organization based out of the Charlottesville area in Virginia. The mission of H2Ok is to provide the basic necessity of water to everyone, especially those without access to clean water and proper sanitation.

For the class we first created a backgrounder on our client. This was composed of an intro about the organization, the situation and effects, relief efforts, organization, charity, progress and financial information. Next we prepared a news release for an event, complete with a boilerplate. H2Ok would be hosting a World Water Day celebration in downtown Charlottesville that needed to be promoted. Then we constructed three media pitches, one for a news station, one for Facebook and one for Twitter for our event. Following media pitches, we learned about feature writing. We created a feature story, mine was about H2Ok’s President and CEO Cory Murphy and the history of the organization. I then made a media advisory for the World Water Day celebration, a quick answer to the five w’s about the event. Next, I created a memo to explain the results of our World Water Day celebration; the number of attendees, products sold and products to be donated. I used InDesign to create a brochure about H2Ok, the water filtration straw, our interest in access to water and how to get involved with H2Ok. Finally, I prepared a speech as if I were President/CEO Cory Murphy. My speech was given to an audience of stakeholders and discussed our endeavor to raise funds, collect water and donate time and product to the citizens of Flint, Michigan in the midst of their water crisis.

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