Emily M. Hedrick

Emily M. Hedrick

Auburn, Alabama


Heart of Dixie

In Style and Design we were required to make a 16 page magazine. The magazine was to be compiled of six articles we had written for class this year. We had three clients that we wrote for, Auburn Family, The Corner News and Extension Daily. We submitted one article per week, rotating clients with each article required to be 400-600 words and include photos, captions and outbound links. Auburn Family, which is aimed to be university related topics directed at possible students, parents and alumni. We posted our stories to Auburn Family by using their online platform “Ning”. The Corner News is a weekly entertainment and feature story newspaper. These articles were targeted to the college audience around Auburn and posted to their site using “Blox CMS”. Finally, Extension Daily is the news site run by the Alabama Cooperative Extension- the primary outreach organization for the land-grant mission of Auburn University and Alabama A&M University. Extension Daily articles were posted using “Wordpress” and aimed to an adult crowd.

For my magazine, I decided to use two articles written for each client. For Auburn Family, I wrote the stories “A Good Time for a Good Cause” and “Auburn University’s Young Women Leaders.” For The Corner News I wrote the play preview “’Assassins’ to take stage at Auburn” and “The Infamous Stringdusters in Nashville” concert review. For Extension Daily I wrote the articles “Growing grapes in Alabama” and “Collecting rainwater in Alabama.”

I chose the name “Heart of Dixie” for my magazine because I was trying to incorporate the differing themes of my stories. I have a lot of interests and I wanted to show that in my magazine. I got to write about my favorite band The Infamous Stringdusters after seeing them in Nashville, the Young Women Leaders Program at Auburn that I am so happy to have been a part of this year and about collecting rainwater, a topic that just popped into my head when it was raining hard one night. I feel like I put my heart into each of these stories. For the cover photo, I took the picture of the train tracks in the country with a clear blue sky because I felt it was fitting for the title of the magazine. After seeing the picture, I think it is perfect for my personality and writing; showing the bright skies ahead, the green trees growing and the path that brought me to where I am.

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