Emily M. Hedrick

Emily M. Hedrick

Auburn, Alabama

Personal Logo


For Style and Design we were required to create a personal logo. I used canva.com to create my logo. On canva first was to choose what kind of template, I chose a social media template. Next I experimented with my name, fonts, borders, colors and more. After several logos and critiques, I liked this logo the best.

When designing my logo, I tried using my full name, my initials and a combination of both. I decided to go with my initials “emh.” I tried several designs but I liked “emh” in capital letters straight the best. I experimented with several borders and went with a circular frame. Outside of the frame I used a zigzag border which gave the illusion of a sun, or a flower. I think this design represents me well because I look at the logo and see positivity and happiness, which is what I want to bring to those around me. I put my initials in the middle of the circle in a thin, simple font. This also represents my simple and direct personality. Finally, I chose a purple background not only because purple is my favorite color, but also what it represents. Purple is a combination of blue portraying stability and calmness, as well as red, a color of energy and passion.

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