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Emily M. Hedrick

Auburn, Alabama

Peanut Butter Balls Recipe Infograhpic


Peanut Butter Balls recipe

For Style and Design, I was required to create an infographic. In class we used canva.com and began using templates and elements they had to craft a unique infographic about student-run agencies after reading from the Journal of Public Relations Education. I was quite proud of my first creation but it was so simple. I played around on canva more, creating a graphic about the Auburn game day experience and a tipping guide. I discovered more elements and tools canva offered and improved on my graphics. I decided to create a recipe infographic and chose to display the delicious and simple recipe for peanut butter balls.

I chose to present the recipe for peanut butter balls because they are a treat I miss from home. Usually around the holidays, and in the spring when I go home, I am treated to peanut butter balls from my mom. I can remember eating peanut butter balls at my grandfather’s house the most because they were also a holiday treat for visiting family.

I asked my mother for the recipe for her peanut butter balls and divided up the ingredients and directions. Only six ingredients are necessary; peanut butter, butter, vanilla extract, maple extract, confectioners’ sugar and chocolate chips. Next, I took the directions my mother gave me and organized them into three simple steps; to make the dough, to melt the chocolate and dip the dough in, then let them cool to enjoy.

I chose a “blog graphic” template on canva then began to customize the colors, shapes and writing to my own. I chose a dark red background because of the association to the holidays. I did not want it to look too dark, so I decided to keep black fonts for the headings and use white font for the actual ingredients and directions to pop. The photo I found was a perfect fit so the viewer could see the peanut butter dough in the middle with a coat of chocolate.

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