Emily M. Hedrick

Emily M. Hedrick

Auburn, Alabama


Work Experience

Serving the community

I was hired at Ariccia Trattoria (AT) in July 2014. After training as a bartender, I worked as a cocktail server in the lounge until January 2015 when I got back in school at Auburn. I then moved to the restaurant as a breakfast and lunch server which is my current position. Through this job I have learned and improved in many important skills.

Communication- In the restaurant I am expected to engage in active speaking and listening to the guests. During service I first greet guests, explain service and take orders. I converse with guests about myself, my hobbies and goals and mostly dote on Auburn.

Work ethic- This job has truly taught me to manage my time during the eight hour shift and when I’m not working. I work fulltime so five days a week I am in the restaurant. While at work I try to be efficient while also paying attention to detail. Whether it’s getting the regular customer their drink before greeting them, or refilling drinks and picking up checks at the same time, I work smart and orderly.

Flexibility- I was hired as a bartender, then shuffled over to the Piccolo lounge as a cocktail server for football season. As a cocktail server I would work evenings but on game days I would serve breakfast in the lounge, adapting to a new role. Once I got back in school I needed to change my schedule so I was available during the daytime. I began serving breakfast and lunch and have been doing so ever since.

Global mindset- The Hotel at Auburn University is a hub for travelers, business people, community leaders and university faculty. I am patient and respectful to my guests and their business while creating a sophisticated and unique experience in a warm and worldly setting.