Emily M. Hedrick

Emily M. Hedrick

Auburn, Alabama


Relevant classes

Foundations of Public Relations- The introductory course for public relations. This class taught what the meaning of public relations and the processes involved. For this class we had a group project to plan and promote an event. Our group’s event was a “Share Your Hair Cut-a-thon,” to donate hair and money to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Public Relations Case Studies- In this class we began to understand public relations processes like R.A.C.E. We reviewed famous public relations crises, analyzed the situation and discussed other ways the company response could have been handled. We each presented two individual case studies, as well as one group case study for our final project.

Newswriting- A foundation of journalism class that taught me the important of researching, reporting and writing. In this class I wrote several news releases and a few feature stories.

Multimedia Writing for Public Relations- In this class each student created their own unique nonprofit client then wrote a backgrounder about it. Following the backgrounder, we wrote a press release, media pitch, feature story, media advisory, memo, brochure and a speech written for the CEO of the company. With these writing samples we composed a media kit.

Public Relations Research- The main part of this class is to learn about research and data in public relations, while doing so firsthand as a researcher with a real client. We were grouped into teams and given our client, City of Auburn Parks and Recreation. We met with our client to find their needs, then created a survey based on communication within Auburn Parks and Recreation. We constructed questions for the survey, built the survey on Qualtrics, then analyzed the results of the survey. We presented our findings via Prezi to our class and clients.

Style and Design- The whole reason I have this website! In this class we learned the basics of HTML and CSS coding. Each week we wrote an article specific to one of our three class clients; Auburn Family, The Corner News or Extension Daily. In this class I created my first infographic, logo, .gif, interactive .pdf, social media release, magazine, blog and website.

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