Emily M. Hedrick

Emily M. Hedrick

Auburn, Alabama


About H2Ok

I created this brochure my using Adobe InDesign. I made this brochure for my Multimedia Writing for Public Relations class.

In this class we created a client, mine was H2Ok a nonprofit organization aimed toward providing the basic necessity of water to everyone, especially those without access to clean water. With our client in mind, we created a backgrounder, a news release, three media pitches, a media advisory, a memo, a feature story, a brochure and a speech.

This brochure should represent what H2Ok is about. I found a photo of young boys drinking from a body of water with water filtration straws and used it because H2Ok is currently promoting their new water filtration straw. I included a quote that I found to be relevant and meaningful, “We forget the water cycle and the life cycle are one,” by Jacques Yves Cousteau. In the brochure I talked “About H2Ok,” our formation, accomplishments and goals. Next I explained the H2Ok water filtration straw. I described where the idea came from and how it works. With this explanation I included a photo of what the straw looks like as well as a photo with the straw parts broken down, explaining how the water is broken down. I revisited our beginning and formation on the “Why water?” page. I explained the reasons for why water is important in health, education, hunger and poverty. Finally I included a page on how to get involved with H2Ok, by signing up for newsletters, volunteer and group involvement.

By looking at this brochure I hope you will understand the meaning and message behind H2Ok and our mission. Be sure to check out my media kit to see some of the other content I produced for H2Ok.

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